Sleep Lab Technician

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Job Description

Sleep technicians are the key players in sleep labs, assisting physicians in diagnosing and
treating sleep disorders. Their tasks involve preparing the sleep study environment,
ensuring patient comfort and understanding of procedures, applying monitoring sensors,
observing patients throughout the night, analyzing sleep data, and maintaining
equipment. They may also contribute to treatment implementation and patient
education. This role requires a meticulous and team-oriented approach with a passion for
helping people achieve better sleep.
Patient Care and Education:
 Provide comprehensive patient care throughout the sleep study process, ensuring
their comfort and safety.
 Educate patients on sleep studies, including explaining procedures and potential
risks, as outlined guidelines.
Technical Skills:
 Prepare the sleep lab environment and equipment for each study
 Apply electrodes and sensors to patients to monitor physiological data during
sleep (e.g., brain waves, heart rate, oxygen levels) following AAST protocols [2].
 Perform various sleep studies, such as polysomnography (PSG) and multiple sleep
latency tests (MSLT)
 Monitor patients throughout the sleep study, ensuring adherence safety protocols.
 Train patients to CPAP/ Auto PAP and other related devices.
 Monitor patient’s compliance.
 Report any sleep abnormalities to sleep technologist.
 Communicate sleep study with physician and related medical team
 Perform sleep study at sleep lab and home setting.
Data Analysis and Reporting:
 Score sleep data according to established criteria, such as the American Academy
of Sleep Medicine scoring manual.
 Prepare reports summarizing the sleep study findings for physicians, following
AAST recommendations.
Job Description
Extended Care
Sleep Lab Technician
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Additional Responsibilities:
 Maintain accurate patient medical records according to healthcare facility policies
 Demonstrate adherence to cleaning and disinfection procedures as outlined.
Quality Improvement
 Ensure patient safety according to the international Patient Safety Goals (IPSG)
 Complies with safety and infection control policies and procedures and guidelines.
 Participates and promotes continues quality improvement activities.
 Ensures sustainability of compliance to MOH standards.
 Ensures timely reporting of incidence and accidents
 Participate in the quality improvement projects; and any new accreditation
(CBAHI, JCIA etc).
Attitude, Professionalism:
 Always punctual at work.
 Adheres to dress code, always present professional appearance.
 Observes all aspects of confidentiality.
 Maintains good, professional working relationship with colleagues and other
members of the multidisciplinary team.
 Resolves conflict promptly with appropriate documentation and reports to Home
Health care charge Nurse
 Follows appropriate chain of command for request, handling conflicts and
misunderstanding in a positive manner to achieve satisfactory resolution.
 Shows high commitment to the duties’ time and attendance
Professional Development:
 Comply with mandatory trainings and continuing education hours
 Responsible for identifying own learning needs, seeking educational opportunities
and utilizing available resources.
 Remains current in the latest in nursing practice.
 Participates in home health care service educational activities including preceptor
ship to new hired nursing staff.
 Completes relevant study programs, unit-specific and mandatory nursing
competencies within the specified time frames, i.e. BCLS/ACLS, Fire Safety
Training, etc.
Job Description
Extended Care
Sleep Lab Technician
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Patient and Family Education:
 Responsible to educate patient-client /family / caregiver as per their needs and to
implement their whole role regarding education process as mention in patient /
family /caregiver heath education policy and procedure including documentation
in patient medical record.
 They are knowledgeable about their essential role in patient-client /family and
caregiver education.
 Involves the patient-client /family and caregivers in plan of care and respects
patient/family regarding their goals and choices of care.
 Provides health promotion and health teaching thru methods appropriate to a
patients-client/family/caregiver developmental level, learning needs, readiness
and ability to learn, language preference, culture and situations.
 Allots time necessary to assess, plan implement and evaluate patient-client
/family and caregiver education provided to patient-client /family/caregiver with
appropriate documentation.
 Head of the department
 None
 Diploma / Bachelor Degree in related field
 Registered Polysomnographic Technologist (RPSGT)
 Completion of an accredited sleep technology training program.
 Training and competency assessment
 Two (02) years of experience similar to the job; or an acceptable equivalent
combination and experience in sleep lab.


 Technical skills based on job specific competencies in sleep lab.
 Good in spoken and written English.
 Be able to speak and understand basic Arabic Language.
 Ability to work in multi-cultural environment.
 Exhibits professionalism and excellent interpersonal communication skills.
 Good in customer care, able to work in multidisciplinary teams
 Knowledgeable in computer applications.
 He / She must be creative, flexible and have critical thinking skills.
 Must have good personal hygiene and be well groomed at all time

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