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Job Description

Job Summary

Responsible for providing consultation and administer anesthesia with the full range of anesthesia methods and techniques.  (Work is performed in anesthesia services on a 24 hour a day basis).

Consultant is responsible for providing care for his/her patients maintaining a high-level of professional performance in accordance with:

  •   Professional medical ethics and CBAHI / JCIA standards.
  •      Hospital medical by-laws.
  •    Laws of Ministry of Health in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and any other applicable regulations according to the departmental quality plan.

Providing effective leadership of the department maintaining an appropriate quality plan using measurable performance improvement standards in the field of anesthesiology..

Major Duties and Responsibilities

  •     Ensures through his actions, either directly or indirectly, that a superior quality of medical treatment, compassion and understanding is given to every patient served at the NMC Hospitals and Clinics.
  •   Provides patient care within the parameters of their professional competence as reflected in the scope of their clinical privileges.
  •    Practices within the framework of clinically relevant and scientifically valid standards, guidelines and criteria.
  •   Administers or advises anesthesia administration by registrars to assigned patients.
  •    Provides anesthesia with full range of anesthetic agents, methods and techniques, observing safety standards in the operating room as related to anesthetic agents and equipment.
  •    Maintains appropriate records of all patients receiving any type of anesthesia in accordance with established standards and based on monitoring of patient condition prior to, during and after anesthesia.
  •   Discusses with concerned consultants from other departments the condition of any patient who is high anesthetic risk, explains the expected outcome to patient and/or legal guardian and obtains the required consent before administration of anesthesia.
  •    Interviews patients scheduled for surgery to assess and develop an anesthesia care plan, and to establish rapport and allay fear and apprehension.
  •     Monitors patients post operatively to evaluate recovery from anesthesia, to assess complications and make recommendations as indicated.
  •      Clinical duties will account for 75% of time.
  •    Supervises and maintains appropriate documentation on the “controlled drugs” for the division in the Obstetrical and main OR’s.
  •   Takes appropriate therapeutic measures in emergency situations for assigned patients with post anesthesia complications.
  •   Provides consultation requested by other medical specialties in the field of Anesthesiology.
  •     Performs diagnostic and therapeutic procedures on his/her patients within the range of the specialty.
  •   Assessment and referral of appropriate patients under his/her medical care to other appropriate medical facilities as well as accepting referrals of patients with medical problems in his/her field of specialty.
  •     Participates in the on-call rota of the department for patient care and admission.
  •    Responds to emergencies to offer advice and actively participate with problems if required, related to his/her specialty.
  •   Observes and upholds the patients rights of security, confidentiality and privacy.
  •     Maintains appropriate records of all patients with accurate,  timely legible completion of patients medical records.
  •   Consultant has a leadership role in the organization performance.
  •      Supervision of duties of assigned junior staff.
  •    Provides leadership for performance-improvement functions in the process of measurement, assessment and improvement of both clinical and non-clinical process as part of the Departmental Quality Plan.
  •   Active participation in Continued Medical Education (C.M.E.) through educational hospital activities (morning report meetings, grand rounds, clinical tutorials and seminars, journal club, radiology or clinico-pathological conferences). Also, through National and International meetings, conferences and symposia.
  •    Active participation in training program related to his field and organization within the hospital for training of junior medical staff and in-service training for nursing staff and technicians.
  •     Continuous update of his knowledge in the medical field as well as continuously upgrading level of skill in his/her field of profession.
  •     Participates actively as a member of the Code Blue Team as directed by the Head of the Department.
  •     Assists Chief Anesthesiologist In supervising the Recovery Room and in serving on the Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation Committee and team
  •    Participation in committee meetings assigned to him/her (Quality Improvement, Infection Control)
  •     Abides by Department Policies and Procedures, as well as hospital by-laws, Rules and Regulations.
  •     Responsible to educate patients /families as per their needs and to implement their whole role regarding patient / family education process as mention in patient & family education policy and procedure including documentation in patient medical record.
  •      They are knowledgeable about their essential role in patient and family education.
  •      Involves the patient/families in plan of care and respects patients/families regarding their goals and choices of  patient care.
  •      Provides health promotion and health teaching thru methods appropriate to a patients’ developmental level, learning needs, readiness and ability to learn, language preference, culture and situations.
  •      Allots time necessary to assess, plan implement and evaluate patient education provided to patients/families with appropriate documentation.
  •      Performs other applicable tasks and duties assigned within the realm of the employee's knowledge, skills and abilities.



  •      Required

       American Board or Canadian Fellowship, or FFARCS/FRCA, or Equivalent

  •     Desirable

 Higher qualifications in his specialty, if any.


  •     Required
  •   Minimum five (5) years experience Post Qualification.

       Current valid license to practice medicine in the area of his specialty.

  •     Desirable
  •     Additional experience in a sub-specialty
  •      Academic affiliation

Registration in Saudi Commission for Health Specialties and/or Current license to practice medicine in Saudi Arabia



  • Demonstrates leadership and administrative skills.
  • Fluent in verbal and written English.
  • Exhibits professionalism and excellent interpersonal communication skills.
  • Is knowledgeable of the Medical by-laws.
  • Knowledge of computer application.

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Job Location Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Job Role Physicians
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